Ultimate Access for Law Enforcement – Beginner’s Course

Welcome to Ultimate Access for Law Enforcement!  Here, we get to the heart of the usage of Microsoft Access and how to leverage and apply it to our criminal justice capabilities.  We will hit the basics and develop queries to get your data turned into information to start your crime analysis journey.  We will build out forms for data entry purposes and then create reports to turn in to those who need the information in hand.

At the end of the class, you will not only have a basic understanding of Microsoft Access, but you will have a working database to track drug usage, overdoses and Narcan administration.

The course runs for about 4.5 hours in video time. I do suggest reviewing the video first and then playing it a second time and following along with the tutorial especially if you are not familiar with Microsoft Access usage.

So pull up a chair, crack those knuckles and dig in for a journey with me through Ultimate Access for Law Enforcement, Beginner’s Course!

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